April 15th, 2024 Announcements

GLA & Co Author 6 Chapters in Chambers Data Protection & Privacy Guides 2024

We are thrilled to announce GLA & Co.’s significant contribution to this year’s Chambers & Partners Data Protection & Privacy Comparative Guides across three vital jurisdictions: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

Our team has authored both the “Law and Practice” as well as the “Trends & Developments” chapters, showcasing our expertise and commitment to excellence in the field. These guides serve as essential references for legal professionals and businesses navigating the complexities of data protection and privacy laws.

At GLA & Co, our Data & Technology department, spearheaded by Partner Feras Gadamsi, stands at the forefront of safeguarding proprietary data and navigating the intricate legal landscape of technology. We provide comprehensive legal services to companies both locally and globally, covering transactional matters, compliance with Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) regulations, and resolution of disputes in the realm of data and technology.

We invite you to explore our contributions:

Our authored sections feature esteemed professionals including Alex Saleh (Managing Partner), Feras Gadamsi (Partner, Head of Data & Technology), Yousef Al Amly (Partner), Ahmad Saleh (Senior Associate), Asad Ahmad (Senior Associate), Rana Moustafa (Associate), Jehan Saleh (Associate), Shahad Al-Humaidani (Associate) and Liana Rashid (Trainee Lawyer), each bringing their expertise to highlight key aspects of data protection and privacy laws in these jurisdictions.