Abu Dhabi

GLA & Company

24th Floor, Al Sila Tower
Abu Dhabi Global Market Square
Al Maryah Island

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Welcome to GLA & Co’s Abu Dhabi office.

In Abu Dhabi, GLA & Company operates through its commercial license issued by the Abu Dhabi Global Market, Registration Number 000007566 with respect to the business activities of Legal Consultancy and Arbitration Services. 

Our Abu Dhabi office works with many of the contractors with respect to government contracts with the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the Federal Government of the UAE and the various state-owned entities located in Abu Dhabi.


GLA & Company

Marina Gate Tower
19th Floor
Al Naqach District

Beirut, Lebanon


GLA & Company

Building 43
Al Bananfseq 1 Commercial
First Settlement

Cairo, Egypt


GLA & Company

Iris Bay Tower
25th Floor
Business Bay

Dubai, United Arab Emirates 33341

Welcome to GLA & Company.  

While the UAE office is still at the “boutique” level in terms of size, it is very different from other “boutique” law firms in the UAE in the sense that we have both full rights of audience in UAE Courts and, at the same time, well-developed corporate and banking practice teams headed up by veteran Yousef Alamly, our Dubai-based corporate partner, who has many years experience in this field in the UAE having worked on numerous high-profile M&A, IPO and general corporate and commercial transactions.  

Finally, because the UAE office is integrated seamlessly with the other GLA offices throughout the Middle East, GLA Dubai is able to perform significantly better at addressing regional issues brought by international and regional clients that are looking for holistic solutions across the GCC and greater MENA region.


GLA & Company

Suad Commercial Complex
Third Floor
Fahad Al Salem Street

Safat, Kuwait

Welcome to GLA & Company’s Kuwait office.

In the State of Kuwait, GLA & Company operates through a joint venture with Nader Al Awadhi, who is a Kuwaiti national and a registered licensed lawyer with full rights of audience in all Kuwaiti courts.  The Kuwait office is one of the largest law firms in the State of Kuwait with over 25 lawyers and legal consultants providing services in all the main practice areas of GLA.

What sets the Kuwait office of GLA aside from other law firms here is the combination of local and expat lawyers.  Because a majority of the team are actually Kuwaiti nationals, clients find that GLA are able to accomplish so much more at the courts and regulatory levels compared to other law firms that are predominantly expat-based.  In addition, since GLA also retains a strong transactional practice headed by 25 year veteran Alex Saleh, the Managing Partner, GLA still retains the top talent in country for complicated and complex corporate and/or banking deals.  



GLA & Company

28th Floor
Kingdom Tower
Olayah District

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Welcome to Gulf Legal Advisors Company.

Gulf Legal Advisors is a Saudi professional company operating and registered in the Kingdom.

The office is headed up by long-time veteran, Fadi Daher, who has been in Saudi for over 15 years.  He has a corporate and capital markets practice.  The litigation is led by Saudi national, Fawaz Al-Dubaikhi.


GLA & Company

Mona Center
Third Floor
Corniche El Mina Area

Tripoli, Lebanon