We Represent Companies in All Legal Matters Involving Data and Technology in the Middle East

Data and technology play central roles in today’s worldwide economy. As a result, companies must go to great lengths to protect their proprietary data and technology. They must maintain legal and regulatory compliance when leveraging consumer data, financial and health data, and other sensitive information.

At GLA & Co, we represent companies based in the Middle East and around the world in data and technology-related legal matters. This includes both transactional matters and disputes. Whether your company (or one of your firm’s clients) needs legal representation for technology contract negotiations, needs help protecting data in compliance with local laws and regulations in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states, or needs representation for a data or technology-related dispute, our attorneys can help.

Our Data & Technology Services

Our data and technology services for companies doing business in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and other Middle Eastern jurisdictions include:

Technology Contracts

Our attorneys draft and negotiate technology contracts for startups to large global corporations. This includes contracts such as software licenses, licenses for other types of digital assets, and agreements involving the use and transfer of all other types of technologies.

Data Protection & Cybersecurity

Data protection and cybersecurity are vital—more so now than ever before. Companies doing business in the Middle East must ensure that they are taking adequate steps to protect their customers’ and employees’ data and protect their own proprietary data. We assist companies with all aspects of data protection and cybersecurity, from legal and regulatory compliance to negotiations with cybersecurity vendors.

Media & Entertainment

Companies in the media and entertainment industries face a complex web of legal risks related to their use of data and technology. They must protect their intellectual property as well. We represent companies in the media and entertainment industries in the Middle East and companies providing data security, managed software, and other services within the industry.

Advertising & Marketing

When advertising and marketing their products and services in our region, companies must be extremely careful to comply with all applicable data protection legislation. We guide our clients through this process, and we assist them with engaging outside data security and other technology vendors as necessary.


E-commerce businesses operating in MENA can encounter a host of data and technology-related legal issues. We work with our e-commerce clients to help them identify and address their legal risks and obligations cost-effectively.


We have significant experience representing clients in the telecommunications industry. We also represent companies in contract negotiations with telecommunications companies involving the procurement of services, licenses, and other business necessities.

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