January 25th, 2024 Announcements

Data Protection Overview on OneTrust Data Guidance in Kuwait is now available

Understand the intricacies of Kuwait’s ever changing data protection landscape with our comprehensive guide, “Kuwait-Data Protection Overview.” In collaboration with OneTrust Data Guidance, GLA & Company brings you a detailed and comprehensive exploration of the legal framework, regulations, and key considerations of the Kuwait data protection realm. 

In this guide we provide an overview on the current applicable data protection laws and regulations in Kuwait, and we covered the following:

  • The specific acts and regulations shaping the data protection landscape in Kuwait.
  • Insights into the expansive scope of data protection laws and their application in Kuwait.
  • The roles and responsibilities of the Data Protection authorities in Kuwait.
  • A comprehensive understanding of key definitions both currently and anticipating future developments.
  • Legal foundations for data protection, including consent, contracts with data subjects, and more.
  • Data Subject Rights
  • Penalties and their enforceability

We would be pleased to provide all relevant corporate entities with assessment to ensure full compliance with the Kuwait Data Protection Laws.

Access the full content here to further your understanding of Kuwait’s data protection landscape.

Authors:  Asad Ahmad, Senior Associate, Jehan Saleh, Associate, and Liana Rashid, Trainee Lawyer.

For further information, please contact Alex Saleh (alex.saleh@glaco.com) or Asad Ahmad (asad.ahmad@glaco.com)

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