March 23rd, 2023 Announcements

Data Protection practice guides in the key jurisdictions of Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are now available

Since the topic of data protection is growing to become a highly controversial issue, especially in the GCC and middle east jurisdictions, we are happy to announce that the Data Protection & Privacy guides for KSA, Kuwait and Qatar are finally out, where we partnered with Chambers & Partners to provide the latest legal information and our experiences with regards to the data protection laws and regulations in these three jurisdictions.

In this guide we provide an overview on the current applicable data protection laws and regulations in each of the above-mentioned jurisdictions, as we covered the following:

  • The applicable laws and regulations in each jurisdiction.
  • The enforcement procedures and the competent authorities.
  • The fundamental matters raised in each law.
  • The similarity between the laws of each jurisdiction and the GDPR.
  • The regulations and the role of the NGOs and self-regulatory organizations that carry out data protection activities.
  • The developments to data protection laws and existing issues in the current data protection laws.
  • The general requirements of each jurisdiction.
  • The special data protection matters raised in each jurisdiction, such as the provisions of the children data protection, online marketing and workplace privacy.
  • The penalties imposed in case of breaching the data protection.
  • Restrictions on the international transfer of data.

We hope to provide you in this guide all the necessary information needed by any individual or corporate entity in those jurisdictions.

You can find the link to the Data Protection & Privacy guides at this link.

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