Tailored Legal Solutions for Private Educational Institutions in the Middle East

Private educational institutions operating in the Middle East face a myriad of legal challenges, from regulatory compliance to safeguarding proprietary assets. At GLA & Co, our attorneys offer specialized legal services to primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, and academies, ensuring they navigate operational and regulatory hurdles seamlessly.

Formation and Operational Matters

From entity formation to day-to-day operations, we provide comprehensive legal support to educational institutions. Our services encompass securing financing, negotiating real estate leases, drafting employment contracts, and protecting intellectual property rights, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Proprietary Asset Protection

Intellectual property is an asset for educational institutions. We assist our clients in safeguarding their proprietary assets through trademark registration, copyright protection, and drafting robust licensing agreements. Our proactive approach ensures our clients’ intellectual property rights are fully protected.

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