June 12th, 2023 Legal Updates

New Visa and Residency Type in Kuwait for Sports, Cultural, and Social Activities

The Kuwait Minster of Interior has recently issued Ministerial Decree no. 484 of 2023 (the “Amendment“), amending the provisions of Ministerial Decree no. 957 of 2019 Concerning the Executive Regulations of the Foreigners’ Residency Law no. 17 of 1959 (the “Regulations“). The Amendment introduced a new type of entry visa to the State of Kuwait (the “New Visa“). The New Visa is granted for foreigners undertaking sports, cultural, or social activities which will be issued from the General Department of Residency (the “GDR“) upon the request of a sports club, or a certified cultural or social institution, authority, or association. The GDR will set the guidelines for the new visa issuance.

It is noted that the New Visa grants the issued foreigner a three (3) month residency in Kuwait and may be renewed for a period that should not exceed one (1) year from the date of entry in line with the provisions of Article 11 of Law no. 17 of 1959.

We assess that the New Visa will enhance the Kuwaiti cultural and sports landscape as it facilitates the movement of individuals operating in such fields that are rather extraterritorial and require a certain degree of traveling and residency flexibility for short term assignments.

Authors: Maha El Meihy, Legal Director, and Khaled Al Khashab, Associate

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