March 13th, 2023 General

GLA Welcomes Dr. Julian Awwad

GLA & Co is pleased to announce the arrival of Dr. Julian Awwad to our corporate practice team in a leading role as Legal Director.  Dr. Julian will be based in the Kuwait office of GLA and will be primarily practicing in the Corporate, Commercial and Competition areas.

Alex Saleh, Managing Partner, stated, “this is a big win for us, Dr. Julian has over 10 years experience in the region mostly with international law firms in the State of Kuwait in addition to spending time in Dubai in-house.  He is a true bilingual, which is essential for the Kuwait market, and will immediately make a difference on our deal flow that is extensive both in Kuwait and the GCC as a whole.” 

In addition, GLA’s Senior Partner, Nader Al Awadhi said, “this is like a home-coming since we worked together for over four years at our earlier law firm.  We are expecting big things from Dr. Julian, who is well-known and respected in the Kuwait legal market.”

The strategy of becoming a top rate regional law firm is well on schedule with the addition of Dr. Julian, which has now increased the number of lawyers at GLA & Co to over 45 in the five jurisdictions in the MENA region where we have offices.  


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