Bedoor Tawfiq Alrabiah is a licensed lawyer in KSA and founder of BEDOOR ALRABIAH & CO. she is a Legal Counsel in GLA & Co law firm. She previously worked in local law firms in KSA, UK, Kuwait. She has published many articles on Saudi law. Advised and represented several Embassies, Companies and Individuals. Bedoor is fluent in both English and Arabic. Bedoor has represented the largest Oil and Gas companies in the Kingdom in Commercial, Labour disputes. She has represented Maritime companies in relation to international and Shipping disputes, and Construction companies in both Ad-hoc and Institutional Arbitration Centers locally and internationally. She has settled Arbitration Disputes, and a Commercial Dispute. Bedoor has represented individuals in Labor, Real Estate and Commercial cases. Drafted several terms and conditions, agreements for start-up companies and locally and internationally clients. She has advised one of the biggest Construction companies in the Eastern Province. She is highly skilled in drafting Agreements, legal opinions and statement of claims and memorandums, due diligence reports and legal research. She is an expert on Arbitration, Commercial, Labour, Insurance, Maritime and Energy Law, Common Law. Immigration Law. Sharia Law. Bedoor Advocates in Saudi courts and executes judgments. She handled arbitration cases in KSA and UK and settled them. She likes to write and read on all areas of laws. She is social and connected to high-net-worth people in KSA and UK, Kuwait.


  • Legal Practice Course Diploma (LPC) – South Wales University. 
  • Masters Degree in law Generic (LLM) – Cardiff University.
  • Bachelors law Degree with Honors (second class) (LLB) – West London University.
  • International Foundation on Humanities and Law Diploma  – University of East Anglia.

Professional Memberships

  • Lawyers License – Saudi Ministry of Justice.
  • Primary Member – Saudi Bar Association.
  • Member – Solicitors Regulations Authority.
  • Member – Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb).

Recent Experience

  • Drafted several Terms and Conditions for startup companies in Saudi and Kuwait.
  • Drafted wills for an individuals and made an inventory of all assets for a diseased and advised on Inheritance under Sharia Law.
  • Made due diligence reports for several Oil and Gas and Constructions companies.
  • Drafted statement of claims for Commercial and Labor and Real Estate disputes.
  • Drafted legal notices and demanding letters, (Debt Collecting in Construction and Oil and Gas, Real Estate ,Labor and Commercial matters)
  • Drafted legal opinions for Oil and Gas and Construction companies,
  • Drafted Employment and Engagement, Joint Venture Agreements for Oil and Gas, Construction companies. 
  • Advocated before Saudi courts on cases in the following fields:
  • Labor
  • Commercial
  • Property
  • Maritime
  • Insurance
  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction
  • Bankruptcy
Banking & Finance (Conventional & Sharia-Compliant)
  • Advised an international company on Bankruptcy procedures and requirements.
Projects, Energy & Infrastructure
  • Advised an oil and gas company based in Dubai on Commercial Agency Law in Saudi
Dispute Resolution
  • Provided legal services for a contracting company in Jubail for Arbitration matters using ICC, LCIA, HHIAC.
  • Represented construction companies in both Adhoc and institutional arbitration centers locally and internationally.
  • Settled four arbitration disputes amounting to 10.9 Million SAR in construction and industrial services.
  • Handled procedures of arbitration cases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & United Kingdom and executed judgments in the execution court in Khobar.
Commercial and Tax Advisory
  • Advised a perfume company in Saudi on Copy right dispute.
  • Represented individuals on Commercial and Property Taxation in Saudi.
  • Advised and negotiated a settlement with the help of team members against administrative authority on 2 Million USD Endowment dispute
Construction disputes
  • Advised one of the biggest construction company in the Eastern Province on its entitlement for an amount of 260 Million SAR.
  • Advised Embassies in Kuwait on their Labor and criminal disputes in relation to insurance matters.
  • Advised Ambassadors of embassies from Jordan, Benin, Saudi, Philippine on legal aspects on criminal and Labor matters relating to insurance disputes.
  • Advised and represented Insurance companies in Saudi for its entitlement.
  • Made property transactions in England and Wales.
  • Made property transactions worth 2 Million SAR of endowments
Oil and Gas
  • Represented the largest oil and gas companies in the Kingdom in Commercial, Labor disputes
  • Advised and Translated and Drafted employment contracts for an Industrial Gas and Engineering company.
  • Requested for arbitration for several Oil and Gas and Construction companies.
  • Represented Maritime companies in relation to international and shipping disputes.
Money laundering
  • Advised individuals in money laundering matters and made a due diligence reports on companies in UK with support of my international affiliates.
Human rights and immigration and family
  • Advised on matters relating to human rights and immigration and family law (Common Law)

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