Graduated with a Master in Judicial Professions at Lebanese university- Faculty of Law and Political Science.

Zaynab Started working in a law firm as legal advisor since 2015, She has gained extensive experience in organizing contracts and providing legal advices to clients. In 2018, Zaynab has been admitted to the Tripoli Bar Association.

Zaynab has huge experience in working with non-governmental organizations, she had worked on many projects related to law or humanitarian field. She was the Project Coordinator and Financial Coordinator with the International Association for human values in the frame of the project “(Healing the resilience and non-violent empowerment of children affected by armed conflict in Lebanon and Jordan”) funded by EU and the Lawyer of Refugees who has the mission of solving and settlement of the illegal situations of refugees in Lebanon with Intersos Organization.

Zaynab is a professional mediator, and she believes that the Alternative ways for conflicts resolution and specially mediation, are the best choice to end any dispute.

Since 2022, Zaynab has joined Daher Law Firm and she is conducting due diligence on companies working  in various fields such as (Educational – Environmental – Human resources – Marketing – Construction – Transportation – Medical – Pharmaceutical – Industrial – Nutritional….) for the purpose of listing on Stock Exchange. And drafting offering documents (prospectuses and registration documents) for the said companies.


  • CPA in Mediation – Professional Center of mediation in Partnership with Catholique Institute of Paris, France and the Association of Europeans Mediators
  • Master in Judicial Professions – Lebanese University
  • Bachelor of Laws – Lebanese University, Lebanon

Professional Memberships

  • Tripoli Bar Association
  • Professional Center of Mediation

Recent Experience


  • Preparing a legal and financial study and following up the incorporation file and the stages of the company’s workflow.
  • Preparing the minutes of the Quarter/annual general assemblies and ensuring that all developments related to the company assignee are well recorded in the Lebanese commercial register records.
  • Representing entrusted companies in the Lebanese courts

Banking & Finance (Conventional & Sharia-Compliant)

  • Judicial and legal follow-up of files related to disputes related to the bank and its customers
  • Providing legal advice related to banking law and related laws
  • Representing entrusted Banks – clients in the Lebanese courts
  • Conducting Annual/Quarter reports about legal cases situation in the courts

Dispute Resolution

  • Follow-up of dispute cases related to Family, Commercial and legal mediation
  • In-Depth Knowledge of the laws related to refugees and the resolution of related disputes
  • Providing Awareness sessions in the Conflict management and dispute resolution skills

Commercial Advisory

  • Organizing and reviewing contracts and providing advices to clients (individuals and companies)
  • Providing Strategic, cost-effective, and forward-thinking legal representation for companies seeking to do business in Lebanon

Speaking Engagements & Publications

  • “La clause de la médiation dans les accords contractuels : valable ou pas ?” – Thesis shared by Professional Centre of Mediation – Lebanon
  • Prisons in Lebanon – shared by my Legal path website
  • Provided awareness sessions in the following topics: 1. Introduction of Peacebuilding 2. Communication Skills 3. Conflict Management for Teenagers and help them to improve their social and personal life in the frame of a project provided by Cross Arts Cultural Association in Collaboration with Mennonite Central Committee “ Agora Peacebuilduing Academy


  • Arabic
  • English
  • French